#Empowerista: Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter - 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Fox After Party

For this week’s #empowerista, Alex Wehrley celebrates Modern Family actress, Ariel Winter, who stood up to body-shaming bullies like a boss. When an innocent photo of the 17-year-old with her two nieces led to demeaning comments on Instagram, Ariel took the opportunity to stand up for herself and women everywhere.

Plus, we dive into a related social media movement, #NotADistraction, inspired by high school girls standing up to their administrators for a dress code that unfairly targets females. Both Ariel and the girls of #NotADistraction make a similar point–women are oversexualized, and it’s not okay that they are often blamed and shamed for what they wear.

#Empowerista: Ariel Winter by herdaily

Alex Wehrley


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