Easy & Cool Gift Ideas For All The People In Your Life

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Nowadays, Thanksgiving is just an appetizer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Holiday shopping season is about to launch you, and your wallet, into another dimension. Before you go completely mental and find yourself overwhelmed with options, coupon codes, and email newsletters boasting the season’s best present picks, here are some easy and cool gift ideas for everyone on your shopping list:

For the wino: Everyone has that friend. You know, the one that doesn’t just order “house red” or “house white” off the happy hour menu. Instead, they want to talk about the wine’s smokey finish and the subtle hints of cherry and tobacco in every sip. Well, if you have a bonafide wine lover in your life, enter Pour This. Based in Los Angeles, and founded by Ashley Ragovin who has run wine programs for some of the city’s best restaurants, Pour This offers hand-picked wines delivered right to your door. They offer monthly subscriptions, special one-off holiday boxes, and custom deliveries catered to the drinker’s specific tastes.

For the dog mom or dad: If every other sentence out of your BFF’s mouth is about their adorable dog or cat, Pet Cube is the perfect gift. Pet Cube is a camera set up that allows pet owners to view their furry friends from afar through a phone app. You can also share your live feed., so friends and family can check in on your little loves. The pet cam actually allows you to speak to your pet remotely if they’re up to no good – it even includes a laser pointer game so you can watch them play and go wild chasing the light.

For the outdoorsman or woman: For the “salt of the earth” kind of man or woman, who really love having quality tools. Best Made makes handsome and functional axes and hatchets your rugged, outdoor-loving folks will fawn over. Made in the US and built to last a lifetime, Best Made axes and hatchets are an excellent gift for the holidays! Just don’t try to board an airplane with one of these quality tools in your carry-on bag.

For the theater-lover: If your mom and dad are all about seeing live theater, musicals, and symphonies, check out Goldstar.com. The site offers discount tickets to live entertainment in most major US cities. From basketball games to the opera, they have tons of events at solid prices. They also offer gift certificates so you can treat your loved one to a night or two on the town of their choosing.

For the anti-gift person: If your boyfriend, best mate, or grandmother refuses to accept gifts around the holidays, consider it the perfect opportunity to pay it forward. Give a donation on behalf of your loved one. Check out Alternative Gifts International and choose a non-profit organization that strikes you. You can donate to organizations that nourish the hungry in the US or you can help the environment by planting a chocolate forest. The great causes are endless.

For the health conscious: For the pal obsessed with healthy eating or looking to make a change for the better in the new year, a subscription to Plate Joy is a thoughtful gift idea. After taking their online quiz, Plate Joy will email subscribers personalized shopping lists and recipes catered specifically to their diet needs, wants, or restrictions. Their customers have seen dramatic weight loss or simply found excellent recipe ideas to stay gluten-free, happy, and healthy.

Enjoy the gift giving, & Happy Holidays!

Eavie Porter

Eavie's life is a series of coffee cups, wine bottles and long walks with her adorable, but misbehaved dog. She watches too much bad television, listens to podcasts obsessively and lives for the thrill of promo codes. Someday she will put together the earthquake emergency kit she's always yammering about.