Social Media PDA: Are There Rules?

beautiful couple kissing outside in the rain

PDA: Public Display of Affection. We’ve all been there, done that—shamelessly over-cuddled our boyfriend at a public park, kissed a crush in the corner of a bar—or most commonly, reluctantly tolerated the honeymoon-stage couple at the movies more interested in one another’s lips than the feature film.

PDA is a cute, yet obnoxious thing. I love it and hate it, at the same time. Ya know, you spot a couple of madly infatuated lovebirds who can’t keep their eyes (and other body parts) off each other. You want to be annoyed, yet you also envy the magical lust they share for each other.

Hey, what’s better than love and lust? Nothing. Well, nothing except pizza. But that’s a topic for a different article.

With the new age of Facebook and Instagram, PDA has found a larger, and more influential platform.

Welcome to the world of the Social Media PDA. Now couples can profess their love for one another to the world, whenever they want, however much they want. Let the heart emojis and sappy captions commence.

I”ll admit it–most of the time Social Media PDA is freakin’ adorable. Whenever I see a happy couple posting about their love, it makes me smile and uplifts my mood. They’re proud to be together and want the world to know. Nothing wrong with that.

But, how much Social Media PDA is too much PDA? What about the facebookers who share too much information about their love life? And what about the people who are fully against Social Media PDA and hide their relationship from the internet entirely?

Both are extremes. And extremes aren’t a good thing.

If the last eight pictures on your Instagram are of your boyfriend, you need to slow down. If I have to scroll in order to fully read the caption of how much you love him, then that’s too much scrolling. On the other hand—if you’ve never posted a picture of your sweetheart during the entire duration of your relationship—maybe that special person isn’t really all that special to you after all. Either way, both counterparts need to chill.

Don’t give your love the social media cold shoulder—but don’t clog up my newsfeed with romance overkill triggering my gag relfex, either. If you love someone, post about them. In tasteful moderation. Your love deserves to be shared.

My number one Social Media PDA guideline? Well, all I know is that if we both look cute in the picture, I’m posting it. With the perfect filter. So all my friends and fam can see my new boyfriend they’ll be meeting at Christmas. End of story.

Danniah Daher

22-year-old writer, cat lover, runner. Buy me donuts and we can be friends.