The Real Deal With Women In High Heels

What is the real deal with women who wear high heals?  What is so irresistible about the allure of wearing high heels?  You will be surprised by the answer…

Do you love looking sexy, taller and elegant in high heels? … But worry about all the hype about bad posture and bodily disfigurement?  Well worry no more… You will be glad to learn that we have great news for you!

Recently, research by University of Verona, Italy concluded that women who wear high-heeled shoes can experience many benefits. For starters, heels can help in body toning by strengthening the pelvic and abdominal muscles. Training abdominal muscles to contract can lead to more gratifying sex, easier childbirth, and minimizing problems related to urinary incontinence. Blood circulation in the legs is also improved which can reduce swelling and the accumulation of fluids and keep your legs looking younger for longer!

Heels increase Intelligence…  Really?

The studies even go as far as to point out that women who wear heels are on average 10% more intelligent than women who wear only flats. Coincidence? Perhaps. Either way it appears that the most work promotions and wage increases are going to the women who look more mature and confident in their appearance, which wearing heels contributes to. It is not recommended to wear excessively high-heeled shoes and it is important to choose heels that you are comfortable in. Heels that you are unable to walk comfortably in can lead to sprains, arch stretching and other injuries. However, with the right set of high heels, you could be well on your way to better health and success in the near future!

Helpful tips

  • When choosing high heels, make sure the arch of the shoe fits the arch of your foot perfectly. You will be better supported and less likely to fatigue and cramp.
  • The thicker the heel, the better. When you first start out wearing heels, choose shorter, wider heels and master them first. You want to look elegant, not drunk!
  • Sometimes, you want to wear a sexy stiletto, but avoid wearing them every day. Consider a coarser heel style and change it up a bit.
  • Wearing a platform over thin soles is painful to your foot. Thicker rubbery soles will offset some of the pressure when you’re walking.
  • Stretch your feet, ankles and toes by taking some short breaks.

Now you can feel confident and wear your heels today knowing that they are not so bad for your feet after all is said and done!

Sukhin Chawla

Broadcaster/ Writer

Sukhin Chawla is a freelancer writer in United States and have an experience of creative writing in more than three years. Sukhin also worked as a Broadcaster in National Television in India for two years.