Can The Millennials Dig The 70s Fashion

70s fashion

The 70’s are making a comeback!  It looks like the Millennial woman is digging the look…

We’ve all heard the old stories that our beloved grandmothers, mothers, aunts and sisters have told us. I am probably not the only one who has been guilty of hearing the “hold onto that it’ll come back in style in the next five years” speech. Our parents and generations preceding us have held onto the ‘what goes around comes back around trend’, and in 2016, it still rings true.

70s fashion 2

It is no surprise that the boho-chic trend has been gracing display windows and magazines everywhere. From the bell sleeved tops to the wide leg pants, the 70’s are most definitely making a comeback from the youngest to the old. The fringe is back in a new way from headbands to back packs and then let’s not forget the oh-so cute fringe vests that you can wear as you dance the night away. Not to mention the fact that those bell sleeved tops can be found any and everywhere with a tie dye ombre twist to it. Tie dye has been made functional from exotic dress styles to the sexy, off the shoulder tops that have incorporated a little bit of everything for the one looking to have some fun.


Let’s not forget the platform shoes! Yes, I said it. Remember the TV show Three’s Company? Chrissy always seemed to sport the latest platform shoes and now they’re everywhere. From stores like Forever 21, Payless and Macys, platforms come in all shapes, sizes and heights to meet your desirable comfort level. Don’t be afraid to pair these with a tie dye print Jumpsuit, dainty flowers, and simple chic solitary colors to suit your day-to- night needs. Oh, and did I mention the bell bottoms are a must with the bell sleeves and the platform shoes? You can’t go wrong with the 70’s. Designers everywhere are making this groovy decade functional.  Stay cool and try on some new threads!

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