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Clothing line is the brainchild of Evelyne Chétrite; the men’s line is headed by her son…

Over the past decade, a once little-known brand called Sandro has quietly burst onto the American fashion scene. With shops popping up in major cities and its chic, simple and well-crafted pieces available at department stores like Bloomingdales, the mid-range-priced line is more affordable than luxury brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. That doesn’t mean that the brand’s pieces sacrifice style or quality.

In fact, Sandro founder Evelyne Chétrite, a native of Morocco who has lived in Paris for the past few decades, has created a brand that intends to sell well-made and luxurious articles that can sell themselves, rather than depending upon spending millions of dollars in advertising – like the established fashion houses do. Chétrite told The New York Times in 2007: “All these big brands with ads that show off the season’s dress, you end up seeing the label and not the person. I want to see a pretty girl in a great dress.” Evelyne Chétrite

Ilan Chétrite and Evelyne Chétrite.Getty Images
Ilan Chétrite and Evelyne Chétrite.

When you peruse the racks of a Sandro store, like the one in Beverly Hills that sits just around the corner from the over-the-top Rodeo Drive shops, it seems that this vision has become realized. The racks of dresses with simple silhouettes and color schemes hang intermixed with lace-trimmed blouses and tailored pants, jeans and skirts. All of the pieces, collectively, seem to be stamped “Parisian” – yet not in the flashy, Americanized way that patterned Louis Vuitton and gold-trimmed Saint-Laurent bags. Perhaps it takes a new designer with a fresh viewpoint, one influenced by the colorful culture of Morocco, to liven a tired, if tried-and-true, Parisian design scene.

What makes Sandro unique for American shoppers is perhaps Chétrite’s modern approach to classic Parisian style. Whereas brands like Chanel and Saint Laurent tend to sacrifice either wear-ability or modern simplicity – which tends to appeal to the millennial generation of female shoppers – in their collections, Sandro has attained the rare ability to have unique and eye-catching pieces that can be dressed-up or dressed-down.

Along with Chétrite, who serves as Artistic Director of Sandro’s women’s line, her son Ilan has helped expand the brand as Artistic Director of the men’s line. The mother-son designer-duo story is another unique factor about which Sandro can boast, one that also suggests that Sandro will only expand and cement its status as a force in the fashion world in the long run. To shop the line, visit

A model wears a Sandro dress.Sandro Paris
A model wears a Sandro dress.

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