How to Fake Falsies

Truth be told, I am not the fake lashes type. I want to like them – but most of the time I find they don’t look natural, make me look like a clown, or I put them on incorrectly, have to pull them off, and leave an ugly white trail of lash glue in my wake. It’s not to say that I never use them, I just have found ways to limit my interaction with them since we have a history of not getting along!

I discovered fiber lashes can give a similar result to having ‘falsies’ on (well the natural looking ones anyway – if you’re going all RuPaul on us, you’re on your own!) with half the effort.

Check out this tutorial about how you too can find Falsie Freedom by investing in just a few tools: a good mascara, lash fibers, and a lash curler. Save those fake lashes for holidays or special occasions, this routine will suit you just fine in the day to day!

Faking Falsies by herdaily

Rachel Yarmosh


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