Plus Size Girls Are Here To Stay

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Plus size women will not be ignored anymore.  They are gracing the pages and covers of some of the most popular magazines that were always reserved for slender women.

IMG_1305Cover design: Ronnie Walker

In a society where everyone is self-conscious about their weight and body image, those days are over when it comes to who you see on the cover of a magazine.  We had our first full figured woman Ashley Graham appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine and that’s a huge accomplishment.  Since the ‘80’s we have had women such as Theresa Randolph who has been producing The Ms.  Full Figured USA pageant for full figured women for years.   She is in her 27th year making plus size women feel fabulous and confident.  Check it out for yourself April 16, 2016 at the Robert Treat hotel, Newark, NJ.  Theresa’s workshops leading up to the pageants ensure that every participant is comfortable in their skin, knowledgeable about basic makeup application and how to select the right clothes and undergarments.  Cash, prizes, trophies and a life changing perspective on their future is the reward at each event.  Her book “Power Of The Plus which can be found on explores what women are to expect when entering pageants, participating in fashion shows and pursing full figured modeling as a career.

Book Cover final 2Cover design: Vinny Taylor

Another book on entitled Power Of The Curves, which is the full figured guide to life, confidence and embracing your curves follows 15 models who tell very intimate stories about their life struggling with body image and their weight.  There is a story of an educator who went through gastric bypass surgery and not only lost weight, but some friends as well.  When Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Crystal Nicole lost over 100 pounds and tells a funny story how other full figured women did not want to speak to her anymore because of her weight loss.  Crystal says, “I got kicked out of the big girl club when I lost weight.”

It seems as though losing weight is an emotional, physical and mental journey.  Did you know that you cannot get gastric bypass surgery until you pass a psychological test?  People will think you have changed because you lost weight when in fact it is actually the people around you who have changed their perception regarding the new you.  You may think people are happy for you, but you will find that there is a little jealously behind their smiles.  You are reaching goals and doing things that some people don’t have the guts to do.  This is the year of the plus size woman.  She is here to stay and no one can or should be subjected to body image shaming from this point on anymore.


Dorothy Smith


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