What Do Millennial Women Want When They Shop?

millennial women

Did you know that others are eagerly looking over your shoulder when you shop in the stores? Now, we don’t want to make you edgy or anything – but just realize that the value of Millennial women is very high right now. That’s right, companies really want to know what you think!

According to FoxNews.com, Millennial women are responsible for much of the buying power that exists right now. When consumers make purchases – 85% worldwide are made by women and this means $18 trillion in profits. That’s right, we did say TRILLION! A big majority of that is Millennial women.

Companies and brands are doing a lot of research to try to understand just how Millennials and Millennial women think so they can target this consumer. They want their products to catch your eye when you make your next trip to a high-end department store or budget friendly Big Box cost cutting store too.

A huge mistake they are making, according to FoxNews.com, is simply ignoring just how “plugged in” this generation is. It might surprise you to know that on the average day – you are exposed to 5K brand messages and ads online. Most of us have become savvy to how companies now sell products to us; some are even offering us promises they just don’t live up to what we expect. That’s one of the reasons your typical Millennial woman just doesn’t trust most advertising and promotions they see from companies and brands.

What’s the one thing the Millennial woman wants the most?… For companies to be authentic. Some companies are successful at this, such as Dove’s campaigns that show every woman embracing her unique beauty and enjoying the high quality of their products in a low-key way.

So what makes you pick up – or put down – a product when you are shopping (online or in person) at a store? What makes you fall in “like” with a company or a brand? What can’t you stand about the ads you’ve seen lately?



Abby is a writer & blogger. At HerDaily.com she writes about issues that affect Millennial women at large. Some of her interests include health, careers, marketing and global issues. She is very happy to be part of the HerDaily.com team!