Cedella Marley Stylist Turned Entrepreneur

Cedella Marley

Cedella Marley, fashion designer, musician, children’s book author, entrepreneur and, daughter of Bob and Rita Marley presented her first aesthetic for Caribbean Fashion week 2015 revealing the ‘Harambe’ collection. Join Her Daily as we celebrate this beautiful black entrepreneur during June’s Caribbean-American Heritage Month.

Cedella Marley Has Style, Poise, and Class

“The collection [Harambe] is inspired by my mother, and many other women who evoke the spirit of Africa. My mother loves color and accessories. She is inspired by her surroundings and loves nature. This will be strongly reflected in the looks I send down the runway this season,” says Cedella.

Cedella, the oldest daughter of Bob and Rita Marley shares her sentiment of style with Pulse Fashion:
“My aesthetic is 100% original and experimental clothing choices with very unique styling. Performing the majority of your life can inspire you to dress in a very unique manner that sets you apart from the rest.  I have always loved how she can wear a very bold skirt and head wrap with a simple tee-shirt. That’s true Harambe style. And like my mother’s style philosophy, my message to the woman who will wear this collection is to ‘just be yourself’.”

Cedella MarleyCedella Brings Marley Style To A New Plateau In Cho

Cedella launched her label in 2001, named after her father’s debut album “Catch A Fire”. These impressive and diverse looks were a relaxed take on women’s wear with a tailored bohemian style and rasta edge in vivid colors and prints.

From the Positive Vibration Blog: Cedella’s Take On How To Live

Cedella is loving, caring, and kind. She offers words of encouragement on her virtual log anicetime.com. The updates come to her Twitter feed daily and uplift people with stories of happiness. Cedella Marley is proof that positivity does pay, and words of wisdom can carry a long way.

Words on Confidence:

We all have moments of shyness, combat these feelings by challenging yourself to try something new. Insecurity is most potent when you are facing the prospect of having to move beyond the familiar borders of your comfort zones. Immerse yourself in a new activity or discipline—one involving little risk and pleasant rewards. You will prove to yourself that you are capable of bravely and successfully confronting the unknown.

One love … Cedella

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