The Deep-Side Part Is Still Hot

hair trend

Let’s be real… we are constantly trying to find new and unique ways to style our hair without buying any new accessories.

Whether we’re dying our locks, chopping off some length or simply parting it in a different place, we always want to try styles we haven’t before. For me, there are many mornings where I will spend way too much time in the mirror trying to do something “different” with my hair… and it just ends up in a ponytail. According to the latest beauty trend forecast, the trend that is still in town is the deep-side part.

The deep-side part takes parting your hair to a whole new level. It’s more unique than a regular side part, but definitely not too dramatic to try (at least once). What is so great about this side part is that is works for different types, lengths and styles of hair.

Lucky for us non-models, the deep-side part is so easy to style. All it takes is a comb and some hair product. First, decide where you want to place your part. Your part can start anywhere from the highest point of your eyebrow to the top of your ear. Next, use a comb to part your hair and draw a distinct line from front to back. In order to make your part “pop,” apply some hair product (we like Ted Gibson’s Tame-It Shine Lotion). You’re now ready to rock your new deep-side part!

In high school, there was a period of time when I used to try doing extreme side parts like these… but the look never caught on. I’m glad to see that my high-school self was actually foretelling a major future fashion trend… even if my attempted look was actually a young teenage identity crisis.

The next time you are having a hair identity crisis and need a new look, try this one out. Let us know how the deep-side part looks on you! Show off your side part pics on Instagram and tag us @HerDaily.


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