Mindy Scheier Creates Fashion For Differently-Abled Children

Mindy Scheier

Getting dressed daily is a different reality for differently-abled children, designer Mindy Scheier decided to do something about it…

For nearly 2.8 million children (5.2-percent), getting dressed goes past the mood of not feeling like it, it simply isn’t an easy feat for them. Mindy Scheier, 44, who is a fashion designer by trade, recalls the moment her son asked her to wear jeans. This question made her look into options available for differently-abled children.

Wearing jeans for Oliver meant removing his leg braces and being on standby to help him go to the bathroom. Suffering from a rare form of muscular dystrophy, her then 8-year-old son Oliver struggled daily to get dressed.

“I was really faced with the decision of whether I’d let him go to school knowing he wouldn’t be able to go to the bathroom on his own, he wouldn’t be able to wear his leg braces, or do I tell my 8-year-old that he can’t wear the same things as the other kids,” Scheier told USAToday.
Runway of Dreams[Photo Credit: Buzzfeed]

The nonprofit organization, Runway of Dreams, was created by Scheier in 2013 to create functional fashion by seeking out the voices within the differently-abled community. Through research, development, and production, the brand has been able to produce clothing options with wearable technology such as Patented MagnaReady® magnets.

The brand has collaborated with mainstream brands such as Tommy Hilfiger to make these options available in fashion.

“When I got dressed it was really hard because the muscles in my fingers didn’t allow me to do the buttons or snaps easy enough,” Oliver shared in the USAToday video.

Many differently-abled children struggle with the task of buttoning or zipping clothing daily. Through Runway of Dreams, Scheier is helping more than her son; she’s helping reach a demographic whose inclusiveness is long overdue.

“There’s no difference between if you are disabled or not. There’s no limitations to what you can do in this world,” Oliver said.

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