3 Clothing Websites For Women Who Like to Cover Up

modest clothing

Some women just prefer modest clothing. Are you one of them?

Whether it’s for religious beliefs, cultural reasons or it’s just a personal preference, some women prefer to dress in a modest way.  (Contrary to popular belief, though, modest clothing doesn’t just apply to women — men, too.)  Many times I’ve seen the tag #ModestDoesntMeanFrumpy on Pinterest.  Of course, modest clothing doesn’t mean old fashioned or out of date.  I really like the clothing I personally choose to wear and many other women feel the same way.

I’ve recently found some new shops online that exclusively sell modest clothing for those of us who prefer it.  Disclaimer:  I have NOT purchased anything from any of these stores as of yet.  I cannot give a review.  Eventually, I’d like to do proper reviews on some of these stores, but for now, this article is just to share some recent discoveries.

1) http://www.louellashop.com —  This shop really stuck me as interesting.  This is a fashion company created by Ibtihaj Muhammad, a muslim woman who is an US Olympic Fencer.  Even on sale, her clothing is a bit on the expensive side, but all the dresses look adorable.  The items available cover the body completely which goes alongside Muhammad’s personal beliefs.

2) https://www.sweetsaltclothing.com —  This store appeals more to the average American fashion taste.  They are a bit more reasonably priced than the aforementioned shop as well.  Their shop sells tee-shirts, cardigans, fashion tops, slips, skirts and skirt extenders (you know, a little lace to make that skirt that’s just a little too above-the-knees the perfect length).  It also looks like they have some plus-sized options.

3) https://modli.co  —  This shop has the most clothing to choose from.  Though it doesn’t sell pants (just like the Sweet Salt Clothing), it sells just about any other clothing option you can think of.  This includes bathing suits, bridal wear, head coverings, and maternity clothing.  They also have plus-sized options as well.  Their price range is a bit all over the place from tees that are just $10 to wedding dresses that are in the thousands.

Sometimes modest clothing can be a little bit hard to find, but there are plenty of options online if you do a little searching.  Hopefully this will help you in your search.  Have you shopped from these places before?  If so, what was the quality of the clothing and your experience with the service like?  I’d love to know.


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