YouTubers “derpinaMODE” Promote Cruelty-Free Makeup


Just because it says cruelty-free on the label, doesn’t necessarily mean much of anything.

A hard-and-fast rule in this day and age is to do your research on everything.  Many women want to use products that are cruelty-free or not tested on animals.  Many companies may even claim that they are cruelty-free, but it’s not necessarily the whole story.  However, there are a few women online who have done the research for you and two of them run the beauty guru makeup channel DerpinaMode.

Meet Sanne Vliegenthart from the Netherlands and Marion Honey from the U.S.  Both girls now live in London, England and together work hard to make sure they’re using beauty products that fit their moral code.  Back in 2014, with the help of fellow UK YouTuber, tyrannosaurslexxx, they decided to do their research and look into using only cruelty-free brands.  “I’ve always been so much against animal testing for beauty products,” said Vliegenthart,  “and I’m like: ‘but I’m still buying it…?’” 

Since then, Vliegenthart and Honey have used their channel to educate people on cruelty-free beauty products, promoting and reviewing said products.  Marion Honey also mentioned that, in a way, working hard to find cruelty-free products is good for your personal budget.  “Because you’re not buying, like, a quantity of ‘lower-grade’ products that have also been tested on animals.  Instead, you’re maybe spending five, ten pounds more on something that has a little more quality and also isn’t tested on [animals].” 

One major point that the girls have stressed is that a brand may be cruelty-free, but they may have a parent company that still tests on animals for other brands.  In other cases, some places may have laws that say you cannot sell animal tested products in that region.  However, the company may conduct test on animals in other countries.  For instance, it’s illegal to sell animal tested products in the European Union, but the same company may sell in China, where it’s illegal to sell products that have not been tested on animals.  The company may adapt their policy depending on where they want to sell their products. Vliegenthart and Honey have decided that they didn’t feel comfortable supporting companies that adapted their policies for sales.

The girls have gone out of their way to make information on cruelty-free makeup available to their audience.  On their blog, Vliegenthart and Honey have made a list of their favorite cruelty-free brands and also have listed more resources for you to do your own research.  They have also provided an email template for you to use so that you can ask companies yourself if they are cruelty-free.  You can view these here.

The girls stress that it has to come down with what company the individual consumer feels comfortable supporting.  They have personally moved on from the big brands who do test on animals and do encourage others to do the same.



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