Beer: The Best Kept Beauty Secret


To some folks every day is a good day to drink beer.  However, we’ve found some other ways to enjoy your beer (other than to drink it, which is always a good option).  So raise a glass to beer… the secret beauty solution.

Beer can be a great way to get smooth and luscious locks. According to Woman’s Day, beer can totally make your hair shiny and soft. The hops in the beer add to your hair’s shine and smoothness. “After shampooing, simply rinse with a bottle of room-temperature beer. Leave it in for five minutes, then rinse again,” Katie Marshman (a senior hairstylist at Salon Capri in Massachusetts) tells Woman’s Day.

Beer can also soothe you aching feet AND help with insomnia! By soaking your feet in a bucket of beer (try two or three cold ones), your feet will ache less. The beer even helps get rid of the outer layer of dead skin and soften your feet. Who knew?

We know what you’re thinking next: Drinking beer can make you have a headache… so, how can it help with insomnia? The trick is, you don’t drink it, you use the hops! According to Men’s Health, women have used hops for years to help them sleep. “They sew it into pillows. The smell of it is supposed to be a sleep aid, especially for colicky babies,” Gregg Smith (author of The Beer Drinker’s Bible) tells Men’s Health.

If you’re not a fan of using actual beer, there are awesome beauty products with beer in them. Lush’s The Strokes (it’s less than $20) hair treatment helps smooth your hair and maintain frizzy locks. It blends olive oil, cognac oil and beer — and helps with shine as well. Try it here!

We also love Beer and Clay Shaving Soap, only $10, on Etsy. The unisex soap uses Sierra Nevada stout beer, olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter for a smooth shave without any razor burn. Get it here.  We seriously love that beer can actually be used for more than just drinking!