To the Trekkies: This New Fashion Line Is Not Expendable

star trek

Now you can look out of this world, without having to cross the Final Frontier.

Geek girls, we now have a great new fashion line to enjoy.  To all of us who bothered to go out to see the new Star Trek films in theaters, or who stick by the original series solely,  or to those of us who much prefer Captain Picard to the original Captain Kirk (me), and like our Earl Grey, hot….  this fashion line brings all of this together, and do you know the best part?  It’s designed to look great casual, but also look good in a work setting.  Assuming your boss will allow you to come into work with the Star Fleet insignia covering your entire torso.

Say ‘hello,’ to’s partnership with Her Universe.  Together, they designed a small line of clothing that works for various sizes, and various scenarios.  They have casual t-shirts, formal-looking dresses, a big winter coat lined with tribble fur (all faux), and some blazers, too.

star trek

This line came out in honor of 50th year anniversary of the franchise.  Star Trek has been a huge franchise in the genre of science fiction.  It was one of the first series of its kind to be diverse.  When the series was created back in the 60s, it was one of the first to show women in position of power, interracial work relationships, and equal opportunities for all.  One of the show’s core messages was that everyone is equal, and that message has carried on to this day.

Founder of Her Universe, Ashley Eckstein, partnered with Think Geek to bring us this fashion line.  Think Geek is the only place where you can purchase these items.  The idea was to be able to show off your geek side and your love for the Star Trek franchise without being over-the-top about it.  The designs are somewhat subtle, but mesh with the franchise  very well.  It doesn’t divert from the source material, but it’s also not in your face.

What do you think?  Do you love this fashion line?  You can check out the entire collection here.


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