Grow Your Brows With Transplants

eyebrow transplants

In case you’re sick of drawing on your eyebrows (or you went a little too crazy with the tweezers), you’re in luck…

There’s such a thing as an eyebrow transplant! The surgery has been around for more than 12 years, but has recently exploded in popularity. Thanks to celebs like Jennifer Connelly, Sofia Vergara and Penelope Cruz, more and more women want thicker brows. What’s a gal to do if they weren’t born with full brows?

Getting an eyebrow transplant may be even better than getting an eyebrow tattoo.  For one thing it will definitely look more natural.  The eyebrow is an important part of the face because it separates your  forehead from your eyeballs and gives a fabulous frame to the face.

Eyebrow transplants are an option for women who have thinning (or non-existent eyebrows), reports Elle. Apparently, eyebrow transplants are a “technically-demanding procedure that involves careful planning,” Dr. Robert Dorin, a NYC Hair Restoration Specialist says. “The eyebrow position must be artistically designed and then filled in with single and double hair grafts. The grafts must be meticulously placed at specific angles and directions of growth in order to mimic the natural eyebrow,” Dr. Robert explains.

The eyebrow-transplant hair takes two to three months to grow in, but 10 to 12 months for brows to look lush and full. If you are thinking of making your eyebrows fuller with this treatment though, be careful: The procedure is permanent. Once your brows are transplanted, they’re there forever. Luckily, the procedure can be done for any face shape — and you don’t have to get super-thick eyebrows if you don’t want to.

We had no idea eyebrow transplants were even possible. We’re so intrigued! Now there is no reason for drawing weird, crooked lines at the base of your forehead and calling them eyebrows.  Now you can have flawless, thick or thin fabulous brows.  Would you get eyebrow transplants?

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