5 Very Bad Beauty Habits To Break Today

beauty habits

Today there will be no excuses as to why you cannot break these 5 very bad beauty habits today…

Sometimes, going through the day-to-day routine of being a woman is just so exhausting. We get it — and we’ll admit we can be really lazy when it comes to beauty routines. Some of us may or may not have mascara from three years ago. Did you know that some beauty trends can be bad for your health and make you look less put together? Here are five very bad beauty habits we’re all going to break right now! Are you with us???!!!!

1. Don’t Over Exfoliate!

Exfoliating feels so good! But, it’s easy to go too far and damage your skin — or even worse, break blood vessels under the skin. Over exfoliating can also leave your face really dry, sensitive and red. Unless your face is super oily, you should only exfoliate twice a week, max. Also? Be gentle when you exfoliate! Use a lotion that contains green tea extract to soothe your skin when you’ve finished your scrub.

2. Stop Biting Your Nails!!!

We fully admit this is a beauty no-no we absolutely struggle with. Biting your nails can lead to infection, bleeding and just really gross looking nails. Luckily, we’ve found a few tricks to be really helpful to cut this bad — though addicting — habit. One option we love is painting our nails! When we have pretty nails, we don’t want to ruin them. Another option is to keep your nails really short so there’s nothing satisfying to bite. You may also want to get acrylic nails.  One bite and your teeth will pay the price.

3. Don’t Skip Your Dermatologist Appointment.

Dermatologist appointments are so important. Every woman should get a yearly mole check. There are tons of free skin cancer and mole check screenings options, so go get that mysterious mole checked out NOW! Skin cancer is the number one type of cancer people get.  Therefore, going to see a dermatologist every year can seriously decrease your risk.

4. Wear Sunscreen!!!

As Baz Luhrmann taught us, wear sunscreen! Ideally, you should wear an SPF 15 or higher every day. This rule goes hand-in-hand with beauty habit number three. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body — and wearing sunscreen is a great way to take care of it.

5. Stop Using The Wrong Beauty Tools.

Putting on foundation, eyeshadow or eyeliner with the wrong tool can take your look from glam to glob. Investing in a quality eyeliner brush and taking proper care of it can really make that cat eye you’ve been trying to perfect flawless. Clean your brushes with soap once a week for beauty products (like foundation). Your wet brushes (the ones you use for eyeliner and concealer) should be cleaned every other day with an alcohol-based cleaner and should (sadly) be replaced every five months, if you use them daily.

Promise yourself to follow these beauty rules with no excuses only results!