12 Shoes Every Woman Needs

shoes every woman needs

Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

All women can agree that putting on the perfect pair of shoes can have the power to make one feel unstoppable, instantly. Shoes can revamp one’s attitude and body language, while boosting you mentally and physically (hello, heels). With beautiful and endless options of shoes each and every season, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed and become a shopaholic, with each new trend. Stunning shoes that fit impeccably and fill you with joy, are the ones I’ll buy anytime, any day. However, our bank accounts and closet spaces aren’t always on the same page as we are.

Therefore, to assist in differentiating between your shoe wants and needs, I’ve focused in on twelve key shoe styles every woman must hold in her collection. Quality over quantity is a crucial factor when it comes to planning your footwear closet. Follow the list below, and you will have a pair for every occasion, without breaking the bank, guaranteed. From the comfortable ballet flat to the timeless black pump, stock your wardrobe with all the necessary staples.


The Ballet Flat

The basic ballet flat is the perfect slip and go shoe that provides a polished look while being comfortable, for everyday activities. I consider it the chameleon of shoes, because it can change from day-to-night, casual to elegant, and still be highly appropriate. Whether you choose a ballet flat from the lower, or higher-end, you can enjoy wearing them with charming circle dresses, midi skirts, or even rompers.


The Timeless Black Pump

This ageless black pump will never do you wrong. Its sleek built can take you from business to pleasure, while keeping you uplifted and confident. From distressed jeans to floor length gowns these pumps are the ultimate go-to staple to polish off any outfit.


The Lifestyle Sneaker

Not to be confused with running shoes or gym sneakers, these causal kicks are a wardrobe necessity. Whether it is for everyday errands or cozy movie dates, these are one of the most comfortable investments you will ever make.


The Boots


Flat, high-heeled, knee-high, thigh-high, below-the-knee, suede or leather, when it comes to the classic boot it is all about your preference. These staples are stylish yet practical, and ready to take on every element. Whether its fall rain, winter snow, or just because the boots work with anything, from a chic shift dress to an open-front blazer and fitted jeans.


Nude Heels




These season-less shoes are like your blank canvas, open-toed or enclosed, you will never have to worry  if they go with your outfit or not. With these gems, every color and print is acceptable. Bonus: they give off the illusion of longer legs.


On-Duty Flip-Flops

Keep it short and sweet with these on-duty flip-flops. Everyone should have at least one shoe they never have to think about. A shoe that’s ready for whatever, whenever, without needing any attention for strapping, buckling, or adjusting; just ready to go in seconds. It is best to invest in well-made ones so they accentuate your feet in an elegant way. Pair with skinny jeans or fitted shorts for unexpected errands and easy-going days.


The Everyday Sandal

Where fun and comfort merge, these sandals are ideal for spring and summer. They are awesome for weekend getaways, shopping, and lounging. Be sure to choose ones with details and colors that excite you. Try pairing them with maxi dresses, light-weight kimonos, and short pleated skirts.

Sleek Ankle Booties

When it comes to adding a little edge to your outfit you can never go wrong with a sleek ankle bootie. You can look both sexy and strong in them when they’re paired with the right silhouette. For this fall season they are ideal in a neutral hue with a walkable heel.


Platform Wedges

These wedges are a great alternative to heels, whether it is in sandal form for spring and summer, or with a thicker strap for fall. In addition, excellent for a girls’ day out or a sexy date night, without the pain that sometimes comes with high heels.


Simple Ankle Strap Sandals

Simplicity at its best! Paired with your sense of style, it can give the impression of elongated and slender legs. Complimenting anything from casual distressed jeans matched with graphic t-shirts, to flowy day and night chiffon gowns.



Oxfords and loafers started as a preppy trend in the fashion world, but quickly grew to become a wardrobe essential. Envision these as your smart, on and off-duty substitute to ballet flats.


Statement Heel

Every lady deserves a pair of heels that makes her feel her sexiest. You know what I mean…  shoes that will entice every wandering eye the moment they are seen. It can be strappy, vibrant in color, laced with captivating details, covered in a print or a combination of a few. It doesn’t matter if it is worn for an elegant evening or a casual day, as along as it gives you an instant feeling of sexy, when on your feet.