Adina Grigore’s ‘Skin Cleanse’ Is A Beauty Game Changer

One of the most talked about beauty topics is skin. Skin is very temperamental and can bounce back from almost anything we put it through.

There are literally millions of products on the market worldwide that address skin ailments, and while a visit to the dermatologist’s office and the best beauty cream will provide a temporary fix, many of us are not aware of the fact that it’s what we eat that plays a huge role in what our skin looks like. In fact, what we eat is probably more important than what we actually apply to the surface of the skin.

Skin Cleanse, by Adina Grigore, author, nutritionist, and founder of S.W. Basics, provides a wealth of information, covering several topics regarding troublesome skincare needs.

For one, Skin Cleanse isn’t a quick fix, product-junkie approach. Since, we truly are what we eat, Skin Cleanse talks about how our diets affect our skin. Everything that we eat is linked to our guts, so when we eat junk, we get blotchy, inflamed, blemished, and acne-prone skin. However, when we eat healthy foods that nourish our bodies, our skin becomes clear and radiant, of course.

Grigore’s unique approach, unlike many other skin care books out there, isn’t a diet book. Instead, there is a processes of elimination to what we eat, paired with nutrient-dense foods (and lots of water). By eliminating foods that are causing issues for you, such as stomach pain, rashes, bloating, gas, etc. you can then, effectively pin down why your skin reacts the way it does.

For a while, I’ve suffered from an uneven skin complexion and sometimes acne would pop up here and there, and I couldn’t quite pin down how to alleviate it. By reading this book, I learned that not only was the culprit dairy, which clogged my pores, but my skin was likely not getting enough hydration. Since reading the book, I can attest that my skin is clearer and despite living in the desert, I haven’t really suffered much from dry skin.

Skin Cleanse, though a book, is a total game changer that will transform the way you think about skin. I’ve always been a healthy eater, but now I know what foods to steer clear from and what to eat more of, to achieve clear, supple skin. Grigore also offers simple recipes for making your own products, paired with delicious green meal ideas. Grigore even goes into your family history, what your ancestors have probably eaten and why you should probably eat/or not eat the same foods.

Skin Cleanse is a really cool, informative book if you are looking to solve whatever is ailing you topically and internally. Since no two people are exactly alike, it’s about incorporating your own regimen to suit your unique needs.  Skin Cleanse is one read you won’t want to put down.

Anjula Montgomery

Contributing Writer

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