4 Celebrity Endorsed Athleisure Clothing Lines


The past six years or so have seen a rise in actresses endorsing workout clothing called “athleisure”. Here are four of them…


Ivy Park by Beyonce
Came out: April 2016
Price Range: $25-$250+

Whoo boy — right off the back, we’ve got an expensive one.  Beyonce’s Ivy Park line can be found in Nordstrom and in TopShop.  Everything is a bit expensive, with basic-looking tank tops starting at $26, and jackets beginning at $100.  The most expensive item found at TopShop is a denim jumpsuit that’s $265.  Yikes! But I suppose people will spend whatever if they wanna look like “Queen B”.


Calia by Carrie Underwood
Came out: March 2015
Price Range: $10-$105

America’s country sweetheart doesn’t just make music.  Not only does her line sell workout clothing, it also recently came out with swimwear.  Underwood claims that she is passionate about working out and being healthy and that she wanted clothes that could take her from the gym to the grocery store.  I suppose that’s what athleisure is all about.  This line can be found at Dick’s Sporting Goods.


Fit to Wander by Shay Mitchell
Came out: August 2015
Price Range was: $20-$40

Unfortunately, the most affordable line on this list is currently sold out.  Will it come back?  Possibly.  It used to be sold at Kohl’s at reasonable prices, but has since come off the shelves. It was aimed specifically towards juniors at the time.  Mitchell is also one who loves to work out and is very passionate about it, so no wonder she backed up a line such as this.  Hopefully it will come back and encourage younger girls to get active.


Jules by Julianne Hough
Came out: March 2016
Price Range: $40-$150

Julianne’s product is specifically tied to MPGSport.  The company also sells a line backed by dancer Lauren Lovette.  Julianne’s line has had a spring line and a fall line come out.  The most expensive items are the more dressy-looking jackets.  Anything actually workout related is a bit more reasonably priced, sitting at about $40-$70 depending.  This is personally my favorite athleisure clothing out of the bunch.  Although I haven’t purchased any of the items yet, it is the best looking line.

What do you think?  Which is your favorite line of athleisure clothing?

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