Monday Motivation: 5 Squat Variations You Have to Try

squat variations

Switch up your leg workout with several different kinds of squat variations!

Squats are one of my absolute favorite exercises to work the entire lower body and especially the booty! There are so many different squat variations that you can do – and each one serves a different function, purpose and emphasizes different fitness areas. This video shows 5 different squat variations and talks about the difference between all 5 and why they are great moves to incorporate into your workout.

All these squats can be completed with just your own body weight, or you can always add dumbbells or a barbell on your shoulders to make them more challenging as you progress. I recommend practicing each of the types of squats without weights first to get comfortable – and then adding dumbbells or a barbell for extra resistance once you are more advanced and have great form.

5 Types of Squats:

Basic Bodyweight Squat
Narrow Squat
Pliee or Sumo Squat
Single Leg Balancing Squat
Jump Squat

The bodyweight squat is important to master as it serves as the foundation for all the other squat variations. The narrow and sumo squat shift the focus to different muscles areas of the leg. The single leg balancing squat incorporates lower leg muscles and ankle strength, as well as challenges your balance which is great to work on as well. Jump squats are a power move and excellent for giving yourself an extra fitness challenge!

Try all 5 or watch the video and pick your favorite to work on at the gym or at home. Remember to breathe throughout all the reps and focus on squeezing your navel to your spine and keeping your shoulders back and down for good posture. Squats are incredibly functional and amazing for burning calories and toning up the body – so have fun mixing it up with these 5 squat variations. Happy Squatting!

5 Types of Squats by herdaily

Marielle Collins

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